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announcement 2019-05-24
chinese friends of 3gpp held the ... 2018-10-19
the 1st satellite-ground integrat... 2018-10-19
the 20th plenary meeting of tc10 ... 2018-10-19
tc5 held its 46th plenary session... 2018-10-19
the 26th plenary meeting of tc9, ... 2018-10-18
the 28th plenary meeting of tc7 c... 2018-10-18
the 32nd plenary meeting of tc7 i... 2018-10-18

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the 1st satellite-ground integrated quantum network workshop was held in wuzhen
ccsa held the “ka broadband satellite technology and application seminar” in beijing

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yd/t 3335-2018 technical requirement for base station of cellular narrow band internet of things (nb-iot) 2018-12-21
yd/t 3337-2018 terminal equipment technical requirement of cellular narrow band radio access for internet of things (nb-iot) 2018-12-21
yd/t 3338-2018 test method for user equipment of cellular narrowband radio access for internet of things 2018-12-21

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